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We’ve arrived at the home of golf, the Mecca for all serious golfers. St. Andrews, Scotland. Only ten percent of those who come to this knob of land jutting out into the North Sea play golf. The rest are connected to the thriving University of St. Andrew, founded in 1403, only behind Oxford and Cambridge as the oldest colleges in the UK. It’s a Scottish college town, complete with men in family kilts, coeds from the world over (including many Americans and Chinese), and their visiting parents. But to the outside world, the name St. Andrews stands for where golf was born. About 600 years ago, some shepherd picked up a stick of some sort and a ball of another sort and started knocking it around, adding a hole in which to bat it into, and golf happened, discovering itself really. It was there all along, perhaps from the Big Bang itself.

Of course that’s just my perspective. I’ve been addicted to golf since I was 14 and mesmerized by Arnold Palmer along with the rest of the country. Visiting St. Andrews has been an enduring dream, one that was running out of steam. But some dreams do come true. Yesterday, Sunday, Ruth and I strolled the Old Course, the oldest golf course in the world. It’s open to the public to do so every Sunday, closed to golfers. I had hoped to play the course but that dream would have to wait, as extra special dreams often do, given the Royal and Ancient Golf Association would be holding its spring meeting the entire following week. Later that day though I did play the Eden Course, one of nine connected with  the town, in rain, sleet, and hail. I think that makes me an honorary Scottish golfer! The garden of  Eden it was, and the memory of that round and the town of St. Andrews will stay with me until my dying day.

Here’s some of our tastiest St. Andrews treats. For lodging, you can’t beat Pam Izatt’s  Suite No. 12 B&B. Wonderful breakfasts. Great personality who knows the town and the linksland.

Drink: the Central Pub

Food: Rocco’s , One Down Under, Mitchell’s, The Glass House

Museums: The Golf Museum, Museum of St. Andrews

Golf: take your pick


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