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We’ve all said, “I can’t believe how fast time has passed. It’s kind of scary.” But I believe the speed of time is a barometer of how meaningful the content of that time has been. When we “waste time”, that time has, in no way, honored our life goals, or what we think important time should be. If we have a job, for example, that merely “pays the bills” but does not fulfill us, time will rush in and fill the gap of insignificance. And since it rushes in so fast, we perceive time speeding by, which “scares” us. Anytime we perceive something as different from what it actually is, we get frightened. And the misperception of time is, arguably, the most frightening of all. On the other hand, when we are engaged in an activity that we perceive as meaningful, time moves at a normal pace. We remember these times with reverence, with grace, with the dignity it deserves. This holds for quality time with family, time consumed with helping others, time creating art, time engaged in a hobby or pastime (well phrased), time in meditation or prayer, time in silence, time in nature using our senses, time walking to nowhere in particular. In the late 70’s, I lived in a cabin in the New Hampshire woods, absorbed in nature and solitude, (quite literally) “chopping wood and carrying water.” I had no car. I had no electricity. I had no (more…)


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I was watching whales from my perch at Bodega Head the other day, and thinking that we may well be the only planet in the universe that supports advanced life. There may be bacteria elsewhere but the kind of abundance that we have may be unique. I was also thinking that I suspect angels exist in the universe and that they keep a close eye on the show. The idea of one old bearded guy at the top would imply a monarchy and how could this amazing universe be run by a monarch–and sometimes a not so benevolent monarch. It has to be a democratic process, for democracy encourages diversity and, if nothing else, diversity rules. Angels. Why not? An entire universe manifested out of the┬áBig Bang. Why not angels? I’m not talking about women with wings, (more…)

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