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I have observed that as the content of ordinary things reduces so does our consumption of those things. Clearly, except for many of the 1%, it holds as the jelly or nut butter get closer to the bottom of the jar, and as the ice cream nears the bottom of the container. But what interrupts that process is almost complete denial that some things–things we can’t readily see or notice–are diminishing, like fossil fuel, and clean air, and potable water, and the ozone layer, and ice at the north and south poles, and fish. This unwillingness to face reality has led to a plethora of problems of which we are all aware but many do not want to make the hard choices to find sustainable solutions. So we continue to use resources unabated, even when the planet shows obvious signs of abuse and degradation. Reactionary elements disdain scientific evidence and extoll folklore and fundamentalist religion. For example, in Louisiana, schools are required to present an alternative theory of evolution which asserts that 5,700 years ago an aging deity created the heavens and earth and all life on it in six days. Eventually, God didn’t like his handiwork and sent a flood to drown everyone except 600-year old Noah and his family and two of every species on Earth, including microbes. Somehow, Noah forgot the dinosaurs…

Yes, it’s true. They really are required to state all this in Louisiana’s schools, giving it equal billing to evolutionary theory, which is based on everything we know about biology. This is a very weird country indeed. Believers in this theory are called (more…)


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