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I was watching whales from my perch at Bodega Head the other day, and thinking that we may well be the only planet in the universe that supports advanced life. There may be bacteria elsewhere but the kind of abundance that we have may be unique. I was also thinking that I suspect angels exist in the universe and that they keep a close eye on the show. The idea of one old bearded guy at the top would imply a monarchy and how could this amazing universe be run by a monarch–and sometimes a not so benevolent monarch. It has to be a democratic process, for democracy encourages diversity and, if nothing else, diversity rules. Angels. Why not? An entire universe manifested out of the┬áBig Bang. Why not angels? I’m not talking about women with wings, (more…)


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Ruth and I had been searching for ten years, as long as we’ve known each other, for this flower. Every year we would investigate the internet and guide books and talk to people who seemed like they’d know about such things. We would go on distant excursions–to Oregon’s Cascade Range, to a forest area above Mendocino, to Yosemite. We went to the wildflower show in Oakland to see a wild cutting hoping its aura would rub off on our psyches and guide us in our incessant search. Personally, I never thought we’d find it in this lifetime. I’d given up ever finding a Washington Lily, aka Shasta Lily, aka Cascade Lily, in the wild. Well, last weekend, we not only found one, but 20 some plants, near Lake Tahoe.

Ruth was the first to see it, upright and elegant in a forest clearing that (more…)

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