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Faced with a new, demanding, full time job, my anxiety level is high these days. I’m grateful for the job, mind you, but I miss having the time to keep myself in balance in this off-balance world. Due to my circumstances, I’m spending less time in nature, but I’ve increased my awareness of the nature around me and beseech that nature–trees, grasses, leaves, bushes, rocks–to absorb my excess anxieties, relieving me of at least some of it. I ask this of nature knowing it has the capacity, and the willingness, to handle negative mental energies and absorb them without harm to its own processes. This is yet another reason we must protect the environment, at all cost. Nature heals itself and all living things that enter into intimate relationship with it. The key is awareness: Nature just needs to be seen and acknowledged and appreciated. That means when we walk through a forest (more…)


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