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Hello there. I died a few years ago in a great fire which quickly engulfed me and some of my cousins around me in my home, the so-called Point Reyes National Seashore. I’m not exactly dead, for today, I lay here in a state of decomposition. This may be a problem for some living things, but for a tree, it’s quite natural and intended. I am never quite dead, you see, for as I decay, I provide soil for the forest. The Japanese say it best by calling such decay part of the art of Wabi Sabi. I rather like this art since it elevates my status a bit from shlumpy, old tree trunk to champion of the growth of the forest. Pretty cool, eh? No tree lives its life in vain. We all have a purpose and that purpose is to aid and enhance the Earth. I’ve heard some of the human species espouse such a purpose but for the most part they are wrapped up in some sort of self aggrandizement. It’s a pitiable thing to hear all day as a I lay here helping the Earth. The human, as far as I can tell, is the most intelligent being on Earth, but its actions are often the most self serving, and hence the most destructive. Actually, I’m quite thankful someone hasn’t hauled me away yet to “clean up the place.” But those in charge here do have more sense than others who just visit. They’ve left me to rot. (more…)


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